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DialWays 3.0 standard

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DialWays 3.0 Standard Edition

DialWays 3.0 Standard Edition, evolution of NTTacPlus 2.0, is the next-generation scalable software for managing access services in any situation, ranging from enterprise corporations offering remote access services to the network, to Services Providers.

DialWays is a centralized server application for the control and management of the remote access to the network through the RADIUS and TACACS+ standard protocols. DialWays fully implements the AAA model (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting).


DialWays 3.0 Standard Edition supports all the features tipically required by small-medium enterprises and Service Providers, such as SQL database support, VPN support, IP address pool management and remote administration.

This edition is primarily designed for those networks that service less than 128 remote users simultaneously connected and can control up to:
  • 128 simultaneous sessions
  • 4 Realms
The license also includes a further copy of the product which can be installed as redundant backup server.
other versions

Other Versions

DialWays 3.0 Enterprise Edition is the suitable solution to the needs of larger enterprises, where a highest degree of security is requested, or Service Providers running networks with a huge number of simultaneous connections.

For small companies or small Internet Service Providers that don't need to control a high number of simultaneous connections the right solution is DialWays 3.0 Basic Edition.
main features

Main Features

DialWays Standard Edition offers an overall set of features which make it extremely flexible.
  • High performance, limited use of resources
    DialWays, developed in C++, provides excellent performance with reduced occupation of the CPU and limited use of memory.

  • Complete support for authentication, authorization and accounting
    DialWays is a complete AAA server which supports any request of authentication, authorization and accounting as defined in the standard specifications of both TACACS+ and RADIUS protocols.

  • Centralized user administration and management
    DialWays allows to centralize on a single database all user profiles which access the network remotly. This simplifies the work of network administrators and maintains the homogeneity of access profiles.

  • Simplified administration
    Thanks to the Dialways Management Console, which can also be used remotely, managing DialWays servers is easier and much more intuitive.

  • Real time remote control
    DialWays Remote Administration Console allows a visual and real time control of remote accesses and their activity.

  • High-Availability and redundancy
    In critical environments, where service availability is essential, DialWays offers the highest degree of reliability, providing a second backup installation for each purchased license.



Using DialWays for managing remote access guarantees the following benefits:
  • Centralized management and control of heterogeneous network equipment, even from different producers.

  • Use of preexisting database, with a minimum impact on the infrastructure and no need of complicated re-configurations or re-creations of user profiles.

  • Complete control over usage of remote access resources, in terms both of security and costs.

  • Easy integration with Microsoft networks for secure control over VPN accesses.

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